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Determined to control her surroundings in a worsening break from reality, Adeline Thomas-Portoco begins to envision her life as a stage show where everything from the set to the costumes to the dialogue of the characters must follow her “artistic vision.” Comedy, horror, drama or musical, ones things for sure: it’s All About Adeline. Join us for this outstanding piece which will be like nothing you’ve seen before!

Following two siblings’ differing struggles with grief after the death of their mother with help from a family friend this piece was expertly written by Oli Schneider and directed by both Sarah Jane Early and Marlee Zimmer this piece taps into the deepest human emotions of grief, joy, separation, and resilience.

By a Thread is a collection of plays about human connection in three parts including Soups and Succulants by Nadiya Atkinson, and that’s what I need to remember By Zoë Carr and Grace Ward, and The Pale Silver Doller of The Moon adapted by Calvin Pineda based on the story by Harlan Ellison. These three stories are quite literally intertwined in four movement pieces involving thread and their own story of connection. By a Thread premiered in August of 2021.

Following the mysterious death of a legendary Hollywood actress, a boisterous and bumbling cast of characters arrive at her house to investigate. Honeypie Comes Home premiered in February of 2020.

Allison Waters is a swashbuckling story from the seas of Seattle, a play of pirates and poetry! A story about the stories we tell ourselves; set sail with Allison and her father Archie as they explore the sea and all of the unanswerable questions it hold! Allison Waters premiered in August of 2019.

Television! Triangles! Time Travel! Breakups! Laundry! A sketch comedy show like no other: follow Dale, a deadbeat man flipping through the channels of a most wacky and wonderful TV, as he sees everything from love in a laundromat to the secrets of eternal life! Join us as we gallivant through this zany and poignant night of comedy… Deadbeat premiered in April of 2019

Razbunare and His Final Trick is part magic show, part rock concert, and part fairy tale. A scorned magician sets out for revenge, but when he meets the girl of his dreams, his perfect plan could all come crumbling down. An exploration of love, bitterness, and the things that matter to us the most. Razubunare and His Final Trick premiered in August 2018.

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