Our Current Company

Managing Director

Emma Hird has been a part of Odd Hours since 2021 in many different roles as a member of the acting company, sound designer, and now Managing Director. Her work in local theater has helped her prepare for this job and she is extremely excited to be working alongside all of the wonderful people at Odd Hours!

Artistic Director

Meadow Grace has been helping Odd Hours design worlds since 2022 and is also responsible for the wonderful sets you get to see at Odd Hours shows as well as producing the art made by Odd Hours every year! Years working in local theater productions have given Medow the talent and vision that makes this all possible!

Graphic Designer and Casting Director

Izzie Kite-Powell has been making sure Odd Hours looks good since 2022 and is responsible not only for all the lovely posters and designs you have seen but for making sure Odd Hours has the best casts for every production that is put on! Her work in local theater as well years of work with graphic design make her perfect for her job and helps to make us look good everyday!

Costume Designer

Sydney Bergeson has been creating, pulling together, and designing Odd Hours costumes since 2022 and helps us to create wonderful characters come to life on stage! Mulitple years in local theater have made Sydney the perfect addition to our team!